New England Aquarium Partners with SeaAhead to Foster New Sustainable Ocean Ventures


Boston, MA – The New England Aquarium and SeaAhead, Inc. have announced that the organizations are partnering to support the creation and growth of start-ups with scalable solutions that enhance sustainability and ocean conservation. The two groups believe that significant global impact can now be achieved by supporting new bluetech ventures.

The New England Aquarium and SeaAhead are initiating their partnership by launching a new Venture Fellows-in-Residence program. This grant program will seek to catalyze new business creation by providing non-dilutive ‘first capital’ to entrepreneurs with a new ocean-related innovation that will have a strong impact on sustainability.

SeaAhead recently opened its Bluetech Innovation Hub at CIC Boston, which is the first ocean-focused co-working space in Boston. CIC has a strong track record of helping to grow new economic clusters in Greater Boston. The Hub provides a new mechanism to connect the venture ecosystem in Boston’s urban core with relevant industry and ocean-related research institutions.

The New England Aquarium, through its Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life, is using the combination of its cutting-edge applied marine research, broad advocacy reach and policy expertise to drive solutions to mitigate human impacts on our oceans.

“This partnership with SeaAhead will build on the Aquarium’s nearly 50-year legacy of protecting our blue planet and advocating for vital and vibrant oceans by offering a way to leverage philanthropy to increase venture investment in the ocean,” said Vikki Spruill, CEO of the New England Aquarium. “We strongly believe that the future of our planet depends on the health of our ocean and that new methodologies to drive solutions are needed. Our bluetech collaboration with SeaAhead seeks to build on the diverse ocean innovation capabilities in New England.”

SeaAhead’s Managing Director, Mark Huang, added, “Emerging technologies require a community to enable their success – including mentors, seed capital and access to university and corporate resources. We are excited to be partnering with the New England Aquarium to provide direct access to experts in ocean conservation and to create new programs starting with the Venture Fellows-in-Residence. The Fellowship program, based at the Hub, will provide a critical bridge for new venture ideation tied to ocean sustainability. We aim to build on this first program with the Aquarium to continue expanding our ability to support new bluetech ventures through their lifecycle.”

About SeaAhead:

SeaAhead is a benefit corporation with the mission of supporting new venture development at the intersection of innovation + sustainability + the oceans. Our ecosystem includes technologists, scientists, startups, corporations, governments and other ocean stakeholders that are coming together to create impact in areas including greener shipping and ports, aquaculture and fishery processes, offshore alternative energy and smart cities. SeaAhead’s bluetech mandate also includes scalable solutions to ocean debris and ocean-centric approaches to the challenges of climate change. SeaAhead is working to improve bluetech startup success rates through connections to investors, industry and mentors which is augmented by an active bluetech programming schedule.

More information at or on Twitter @SeaAhead.

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About New England Aquarium
The New England Aquarium is a global leader in marine science and conservation. With more than 1.3 million visitors a year, the Aquarium is one of the premier visitor attractions in Boston and a major public education resource for the region. Building on the Aquarium’s 50-year legacy of protecting the blue planet and advocating for vital and vibrant oceans, the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life, established in 2016, leads the way in cutting-edge applied marine research and data-driven conservation, offering practical solutions to mitigate human impacts on our ocean.


David Hirschman for SeaAhead

Tony LaCasse, Director of Media Relations, New England Aquarium


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