What We Do

It’s not about just preparing for the future

It’s about making the future



The Bluetech Innovation Hub at CIC Boston is a central landing place for companies large and small. It’s about more than co-working and great coffee.


SeaAhead works with bluetech startups at every stage to accelerate growth through our network of mentors, service providers and investors. We can facilitate connections to grants and existing, but disparate testing equipment (e.g. wave tanks, ocean sensor testing ranges, dock facilities). Through our events we create opportunities for startups to build their business by developing relationships with the largest players in the sector.

Technology Scouting

Innovation will happen with - or without - the engagement of legacy companies.

SeaAhead partners with corporate leaders in evaluating the innovation space, identifying technology gaps and facilitating development programs. With our innovation center and network, SeaAhead is positioned to have a 360 degree view of the bluetech space.

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Part of SeaAhead’s mission is to increase the number of startups forming to solve ocean sustainability issues.

How will we do this? For now, it’s top secret.

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Innovation today is flatter and moving quickly, causing traditional sectors such as Food, Utilities and Automotive to respond by ‘outsourcing’ through their participation in incubators and venture funds. SeaAhead is working with corporates, foundations, impact funds, family offices and sovereign funds on creating a Bluetech Sustainability investment vehicle.

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